My Brother's Keeper

It’s time to close opportunity gaps for young boys and men of color and make sure that all young people can imagine and fulfill a bright future.

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    What's at Stake

    All young people deserve the chance to dream big and have a real shot at making those dreams come true, despite the circumstances of their birth. But for millions of young boys and men of color, this is not a reality.

    Hopes and aspirations are stunted through a number of systematic forces and inter-generational roadblocks. A lack of family resources, disparities in education, unfair policing, and disproportionately high incarceration rates are among the key factors that have cast a shadow of poverty, injustice and social immobility on our country for far too long.

    In addition to their vast human cost, the opportunity gaps facing youth of color hold back the U.S. economy, lowering aggregate earnings, shrinking the labor market, and slowing economic growth.

    Read more about the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative on the White House page and learn about partnering with us at My Brother’s Keeper Alliance.

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    Kendrick Lamar
    President Obama
    Michael B. Jordan

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    While the My Brother's Keeper Community Challenge is a White House initiative, My Brother's Keeper Alliance is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization backed by private sector investments and individual donors. Click the logo for more information.

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